“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Who We Are

“Giving back by paying it forward.”

The origins of this story manifested through a moment where I could have lost my wife. Our whirlwind romance led to marriage after a 3-month courtship. I fell in love with an avid runner and luckily she slowed down enough for me to catch her.
After experiencing some strange symptoms, my wife was initially misdiagnosed until she convinced a doctor to give her another test. Within a matter of hours, we learned that she could die at any time from a massive stroke or heart attack. Waiting was not an option – angioplasty and a stent were scheduled within two days.
As newlyweds we didn’t plan a honeymoon, but spoke about the possibilities of planning a funeral. In that instance, we discussed the legacy we wanted to leave. In that moment, the ideas of a foundation took flight.
Following my wife’s procedure and rehab, ideas were flooding my mind but I was too afraid to share out of fear that I would be dismissed.
I was overjoyed when my wife encouraged me to follow the vision of giving back to the community. While working for Parks & Recreation, I saw there was a chance to teach children about gardening, and after reaching out to some contacts we developed a collaboration with the local YMCA. Along with the NC Cooperative Extension and other stakeholders, we demonstrated best practices in agriculture to the youth. The pilot program was so successful that there were two classes taught the following year.
This program was the catalyst to grow our foundation and keep moving forward.

our board of directors and advisors

We cannot thank our wonderful board and advisors enough for helping us reach our mission and vision.

James Rosa Jr.
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Tebony C. Rosa
Co-Founder & Executive Coordinator

Yvonne Johnson
Board of Director Emeritus

Evelyn Rosa
Board of Director Emeritus

Board_Danielle Rice

Danielle Rice
Board of Director

Keisha Wilson
Board of Director

Wayne Young
Board of Director

Jermaine Thomas
Board of Director

Yvette Rani Squires
Board of Director

Stahlé Vincent
Board Advisor Emeritus

Bill Davis
Board Advisor

Our Past & Present Partners and Sponsors