We awarded Olamide Olawale of Ojo of Lagos Nigeria with the Toni L. Cameron Memorial Scholarship for her beautiful passion for being a dancer.

Excerpt from Olamide’s Essay to apply for the grant:

” I describe my dance style as passionate because right from a young age I had always wanted to be a dancer, not just a dancer but a professional ballet dancer. I remember vividly how I would draw pictures of people dancing and equally watch a lot of cartoons where they dance too. At first, I thought it was only the fun of dancing in different places, but then I realized it was more than that, and that I really wanted to be a dancer.  It was more than the dance itself because it taught me a whole lot of things, it taught me how to be committed, grateful, strong, courageous, coordinated, consistent, disciplined, dedicated, to be composed, and most especially to be creative.

“My love for dancing is equally another reason for my choice. I love dancing. Whenever I dance I feel so much joy, happiness, letting out my emotions, my pains that on one can see, it is an unexplainable feeling for inside of me” 

“My dreams and aspirations for dance are to be the first principal ballerina here in Lagos Nigeria and continue educating the youth and children in Nigeria, who are interested in learning and also provide the opportunity to dance and encourage them and their families, as my teacher did to us and also impact dance knowledge to them.